The Coaching Team

Gentsy (James Gents)

Forwards Coach

Gentsy or Mr Gentsy to his friends is Thamesians forwards coach.
He isn't to be trifled with, although he does like a bit of trifle. With years of pro experience with Gloucester and London Irish, like all good forwards he started in the back row and eventually graduated to the school of the dark arts in the front row. A man a few words but when he speaks world doth listen. He excepts a lot from his charges and the boys work hard for him knowing he has done the hard yards himself.

He is most famous for his away trip picnics, a banquet of fresh baguette,  Camembert and red wine....who'd want to be a back!

Billy (Billy Edmonds)

Head Coach

To Be Written

Chocs (Andrew Philp)

2XV Manager (Spartans Scout)

Choc really is a great drinker with a serious Rugby problem, a legend within his own local.  Back from Injury and almost fully recovered. His silky Rugby skills and knowledge of the game means that he can play pretty much every position within the back line.  A great bloke but nobody knows why exactly, maybe its down to him always being the last to leave the bar and by that time you're too drunk and you've forgotten why you love him so much but you know he really, really, really, is your best friend in the whole world... hic.


Physio (Physio)


We are currently seeking a physio for training on Thursday pm and match days.

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