The Coaching Team

Billy (Billy Edmonds)

Head Coach

To Be Written

Chocs (Andrew Philp)

2XV Manager (Spartans Scout)

Choc really is a great drinker with a serious Rugby problem, a legend within his own local.  Back from Injury and almost fully recovered. His silky Rugby skills and knowledge of the game means that he can play pretty much every position within the back line.  A great bloke but nobody knows why exactly, maybe its down to him always being the last to leave the bar and by that time you're too drunk and you've forgotten why you love him so much but you know he really, really, really, is your best friend in the whole world... hic.

Yatesy (Mathew Yates)

Backs Coach

Small in stature, but huge in reputation, this pint sized assassin is one of the clubs greatest servants.

We don’t talk about his unusually large, hairy hobbit feet, or his role in the banking crisis, although both are well documented in club social circles, but instead we celebrate his success as one of the hardest hitters on and off the field, with many unsuspecting giants falling victim to his perfect tackling technique, or his tiny rabbit punches.

On the pitch, Yatesy has taken on all the challenges the club has thrown at him, owning most of the positions in the backline at some point in time, as well as captaining the club through many enjoyable seasons.  And now at the end of his long playing career, we draw upon him again as part of our excellent coaching team.


Physio (Physio)


We are currently seeking a physio for training on Thursday pm and match days.

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