The Committee

The Boss (Sandra Redmond)


The lovely Sandra our very own 3am girl. Tall, Blonde with a big personality!   We love Sandra she's as equally at home in the clubhouse putting up with the boy’s drunken antics, as she would be at societies best cocktail party.

Barty (Bart Redmond)


Bart, the Peter Pan of the club who absolutely refuses to grow old gracefully.  Bart is without a doubt one of the greatest players in the Club history just for the span of his playing career alone, a true Thamesian. His playing career cuts across many centuries and yet he still tips up for every game solid, reliable and with plenty of experience to boot. If you close your eyes he sounds a bit like Marge Simpson on helium.

Lance (Lance Davis)

Club Captain

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Smithy (Mark Smith)


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Ickle Sam (Sam Elliot)

Membership Secretary


C-Mike (Mike Jury)

2nd XV (Spartans) Captain

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Chocs (Andrew Philp)

Fixture Secretary / Ticket Allocations

Club Fixtures Secretary and the man with the plan.  Choc really is a great drinker with a serious Rugby problem, a legend within his own local.  Back from Injury and almost fully recovered. His silky Rugby skills and knowledge of the game means that he can play pretty much every position within the back line.  A great bloke but nobody knows why exactly, maybe its down to him always being the last to leave the bar and by that time you're too drunk and you've forgotten why you love him so much but you know he really, really, really, is your best friend in the whole world... hic.

Keah (Keah O’Reilly)

Social Secretary

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Slash (Mark Slater)


Our resident Webmaster/IT Guru.  Too big for a back yet too small for a Prop, Slash confuses most referee’s on first appearance as they eagerly wait for him to take his place in the front row,  before discovering that he’s actually our first team Scrum Half.

Known to tackle anything that moves without discrimination, he’s both solid in defence and always consistently good in attack.  As Webmaster he takes full responsibility for this site, so any problems you know where to go!

Liz (Liz Mozel-Jury)

Recruitment Officer

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