Players Day & Karaoke Christmas Party!

Sat 20 Dec 2014 19:00

Players day with rugby matches viewing, scrummy home made lemonade and jam tarts (that last bit is totally made up: for victuals please read 'lots of beer and crisps') followed by Christmas party evening 20th DECEMBER 2014

We will be getting a cheeky take- away in the evening.

The type of take -away will be based the old classic mob rule decision with the deciding vote going to me of course, should there be a dead lock. Music will be jolly Christmas tunes and the usual heavy metal and acid house (of course could there anything else more christmassy ?) with KARAOKE!! hooray!

So please dust off your vocals chords, get your Santa hat on, harness up your pixies (or reindeer pleased delete as appropriate) grab the mike (who ever he may be) and join in the festive fun.

Dress code: lots of glitter, sequins and inappropriate dresses ... and for the girls ..... ;-)

See you there

Sandra Redmond Social Sec.

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