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Paris Social Rugby Tour

Fri 18 Mar 2016 00:00

France v England- 6 Nations  cost to be confirmed circa £230 includes 2 nights accommodation in Paris  and Euro star travel.

If you would like to come along and would prefer  to spread

the cost ,please contact Rory O'Reilly or non players contact Treasurer Mark Smith  and we can arrange staged payments. 

This is traditionally a mixed tour and we are usually 'hosted' by our French Opposition  very nicely indeed on the night of arrival  and then again at some  venue / party on the Saturday night whilst watching the match on TVs somewhere suitably Gallic. 

Tickets for the match are usually available and those who would like to go  to the big game are not normally  disappointed. 

Oh yes - sorry ..forgot the Rugby bit - you  even get a chance to play to win a crudely carved giant gold cockerel  whilst being horribly hungover from a very beery boozy journey with your mates ,having sung all the way from St Pancras to Gard de Nord and partied long and hard the night before  , possibly having worn Bart Redmond shoes to a gay night club  , and perhaps mistakenly thinking that a bar  called The Banana club could ever be straight .. Kourosh - do you recognise any of this ? .

Just saying ..

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