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First XV - Herts/Middlesex 1

Spartans - Middlesex Merit 3

Space Cowboys - Vets League B


The 2018 Lope

Fri 16 Mar 2018 19:00


The traditional LOPE has blessed the infamous Thamesians Rugby Club with memory after memory, year after year!

This is one you are not going to want to miss!

With it being st. Paddy's day & England vs Ireland on the Saturday and no scheduled games for the club, we might as well get started on the Friday night!

What is the LOPE you may ask......well.... its a Pub Crawl ..... but not just any pub crawl....its a race....a three legged race....its a Three Legged Pub Crawl Race!

Everyone will be partnered up at random out of a hat. These partners will then be tied together by the ankle (Hence 3 legged race) and will then set off in intervals from the start line and have your time recorded until you hit the finish line. The team with the shortest time wins!

On the night, you will be given a Map and A drink that must be consumed at the pub stated.

RECEIPTS ARE REQUIRED to validate that you have bought the correct drink at the correct pubs. Don't loose them as it could be the difference between winning and loosing!

But WAIT!........ theres more.......

Each team will be given a list of Items/ Challenges that they will have to collect/ complete before crossing the finish line.

These challenges are crucial as they can take seconds/minutes away from your overall time OR they can add seconds/minutes to your overall time if not collected/completed!!

The Start line is The Prince Blucher and the Finish line is the club house. The rest you will find out on the night!

Meet time is 7pm at The Prince Blucher with the Pre Race Brief between 7:30pm/7:45pm.

The first couple will set off at 8pm!

Everyone is required to bring a Tie with them!

Dont forget, YES it is a race but you need to also finish! Finding someone passed out on the green does not count as the finish line!

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