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Spartans (2XV)




Match Report

It was a wet Saturday at marble with everyone looking to correct mistakes that cost us the week before. With the back to school party after, everyone wanted to have a win to celebrate.

After a good warm up it was kick off. The first half consisted of us having outstanding defence and taking our chances with a slippery ball to score tries. When half time whistle blew we could all feel how all the painful fitness sessions we had done over the summer had worked.

With a load still in the tank and an encouraging talk from Billy explaining how he wanted us to nil hanwell and send a message out to all the teams in the league.

The second half was a different story from the first with us attacking more and scoring great tries. We scored 6 tries in the second half including a perfect kick pass by Kieron, individual brilliance and a whole team counter attack.

Try scorers were Arlind, Lucas scoring 2 on debut, Kieron, Keagan x3, Nick x3 scoring his hat trick try by pacing everyone from our own half.

Fantastic game and a brilliant way to start the new campaign.

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