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Grasshoppers III



Spartans (2XV)

Match Report

On the back of a strong start to the season in the first game Thamesians 2XV were back in action Saturday afternoon. A good hit out at training and the boys were looking forward to proving their worth in the breakdown and gaining a stronghold as serious contenders for the season.

Alongside 4 debutants all keen to make a mark, welcome to George, John, Peter and Ed, the team were in a determined mind set.

A short journey from the club down to Grasshoppers the boys were keen to get out the sheds and right into the warm up. The warm took some time to get firing and some strong words from skipper DJ and the coaches in the sheds were required to get the necessary focus and attention to game time and it was time to go out and get into game time.

Game time and Hoppers had the kick off, the wind and the hill advantage which looked to support them as they regained the restart and had a couple of phases possession although it appeared their 10 was keen on a kicking game and it wasn’t long before Ts were in possession and started to build into a few phases. A strong break from Wigs and recycled out to a returning Joey on the wing. Some quick acceleration and feet and Joey into the 22 although a desperate cover tackle and a knock brought an end to the phase for the time being. A huge scrum and great pressure resulting in the ball being grounded and Ts awarded the scrum. A strong break from Wigs and try time! Converted by Joey.

Restart and Hoppers applying some pressure although Ts steal the ball through pressure at the lineout and it’s to Zac who breaks beating several defenders an offload to Joey who turns on the pace and another try which is duly converted by Joey.

Restart and back into action with Hoppers still trying to play and applying some pressure although again a great Ts turnover and stringing some phases together to get into the oppo 22. Ts awarded a scrum and some creative play in the midfield and slick handling pulling the defence form one side to the other and away goes Callum in for a try in the corner.

A deep restart from Hoppers and its early quick hands and Jason is set free on the wing with a charging Wig for support it’s a pop inside and Wigs is running in another try! Conversion by Joey.

This is followed by almost a sense of de ja vu as it’s that man again in for hat trick Wigs rounds off another great piece of play from Ts.

A Ts scrum in midfield and with some confusion and delayed pass and it’s an intercept for Hoppers who just manage to ground it in the corner for their first points of the day. Half time and Ts up 33-5.

The second half restarted and a more focussed Ts were keen to pick up quickly on the points and it’s not before Joey reminds all why he is known as 5 star! Some brilliant play and Joey accurately finishes! Hoppers starting to tire as they go up the hill and Zac is quick to see hands will work and from the 22 trusts his backs and runs it. Accurate hands and not surprisingly its Wigs to finish the well worked move!

Some careless play and soft defence and the Hoppers only strike runner goes through and scores their second of the day in the corner.

Frustration building as Ts start giving away penalties and trying to force it form first phase play sees a period of about 10 minutes of no scoring although does allow for some strong words of wisdom form the coaches and Ts refocus, regroup and back to basics to see Ed scoring in his debut game for Ts.

Just as Ts start to regroup a powerful scrum from Ts wins the penalty although the Hoppers front rower is seriously injured and causes a lengthy delay followed by the ref and captains reviewing several discussions before the decision is made to move the game to a new pitch and continue.

Callum now in at fullback deciding to show just how quick he is and slices through the defence after a wayward kick from the oppo. Ts now sense a good win turn up the pressure, build several strong phases and breaks and its try time again.

Kick off, receive and instantly quick hands and a decisive break and another debutant John playing on the wing is running clear with one man to beat he pops inside for Ed to score another well worked try.

The kick-off is fielded by Calum who decides he would like to get on the score sheets again, a bedazzling run from the new found full back and he is through and being well supported by John. Calum however decides to opt for hatrick avoidance and passes to John to score on his debut.

On the back of that try the ref calls time and Ts have recorded their second big win from two games.

The final score: 72-10 to Ts.

Try Scorers: Wigs x4, Ed x2, Saville x2, John X1, Joey x2; Jason x1

Man of the Match: Arlind Cela

Thamesians 2nd XV:  

  1. Adelaide Cela
  2. Thomas D’arcy
  3. Dominique Worley
  4. George Milligan
  5. Dave Jones
  6. Franco Da Cunha
  7. Callum ‘Trigger’ Savill
  8. James Irwin
  9. Arlind Cela
  10. Zac Tewake
  11. Jason Shepherd
  12. Dan Jones (C)
  13. Ed Dickens
  14. John McKeever
  15. Joey Morgan
  16. Rory O’Reilly
  17. Lance Davis
  18. Hugo Fildes
  19. Peter Singh
  20. Ben Southerst


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