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Spartans (2XV)

Match Report

An early Saturday kick off gave a chance for Ts to try and test the old with the new, with many a player in fresh positions.  A game of four 15 minute quarters, a very to and fro game played out with many positives and many areas we need to work on.


Kick off and a good chase up from Ts, putting pressure from the off, forcing the Stags to make little gain on their exit plan.  Early mistakes though moved play from one end of the pitch to the Ts 22. However, great line out work from the pack, accurate darts and great hands allowed the backs to get an early bit of play. A well-spaced move and Tramp was put through a dog leg and made good metres, up to half way almost.  Well recycled ball and eventually Stags gave away a penalty for hands in.  A sound kick to touch from Kieron and the Ts line out was working again, with enough control to get a maul going.  Eventually slowing up just inside the Stags 22, the ball was spread back to the middle, before the phase play went far right.  Just being held short, the ball was carried back to the middle, where a short ball saw Tramp bounce off two tackles and under the posts to put Ts up 7-0.


From the following kick off, Ts slacked off and a period of multiple mistakes from both sides killed any chance of flowing play. A few missed tackles out wide let Stags back into the Ts 22, and from switching off, Stags scored. A quick tap and go allowed the Stags 9 to find a bumbling prop who proceeded to fall over the line.  7-7.


A few harsh but fair words under the posts and a great kick off chase saw Ts turn the ball over, combined pressure of Ollie and Russ, saw Lance get his mitts on the ball and Kieron and Zac get some great short play going.  Hitting the far touch line and Johnno and Joey Morgan get their skates going and break into the Stags 22.  A great grabber through from Zac trying to link in with Aaron, was carried over by the Stags Full Back.  Scrum 5 and pressure building, another turnover by the Stags 7 (One of many) allowed a slight relief in pressure.  From the line out, hands from Ollie in the air, allowed the ball to be shipped out to the wide right.  On the rewind, great call from Zac and Kieron saw a massive hole open up.  Another carry from Gorgeous George saw the line beckoning but he was felled, but was able to through an audacious offload to Rory crashing through as usual to score. No conversion.  12-7.


After half time, a long kick off was pressured and Ts were back in full swing.  However, more mistakes and silly offloads trying to keep play alive became the Ts undoing.  A good stint of defence was eventually broken by a hard carry from the Stags 8, into the Ts 22 where simple pick and goes eventually wore down the cover and Stags scored in the corner.  Great kick from the touch line to make it 12-14.  Also followed by a yellow for Ts full back Johnno, apparent tripping which led to a small exchange of words before the referee gave him 10 in the bin.


Kick off again, but short enough for Russ and Ollie to steal the ball back, before immediately being shipped wide again.  Harsh words from Billy obviously spurring Ts into action to make amends.  Zac and Kieron, having switched roles enjoyed many phases of dragging the forwards round the corner. Crazy, George, Adi, and C-Mike getting in on the act of smashing the blue wall backwards.  After moving the ball wide, quick ball well delivered from stand in 9 Haribo Jones, put Kieron in space before showing and going.  Finding a gap, he burst through to drag two defenders away from the offload to find Tramp.  Sticking the "foot" down, Tramp somehow out ran the Full Back, before dotting down 15m from touch.  No conversion. 17-14.


From the Stags kick, Ts claimed, and organised exiting their 22.  This was looking better, before panic set in and a poor kick through by the Stags 10 was made into a miracle.  Being told to dot the ball down, the referee said the Joey Morgan had carried the ball over and gave a 5m scrum.  What followed was a period of non-stop defence by the Ts XV.  No backwards step was taken and eventually, great pressure told, and we forced the turnover.  Exit sets again, but a shanked kick allowed the Stags to set up a maul.  From here, a maul was sharply sent backwards, before the Stags 7 peeling off blind to score under the covering defence.  A brilliant kick from touch. 17-21.


Kick off, great chase, but a bit too far for Ts, immediate hands from Stags and a long kick put Ts back in their own 22 with the referee calling last play.  From the line out, we lost the ball, and instead of running the ball out, Stags wanted to score.  A poor pass from the 10 allowed Ts time to get up and Ollie snatching a loose off load gave us the ball.  Carrying to the touch line, the ball was shipped wide to Aaron "The Step".  A quick 20m and a cut in, he looked sure to go the way, until a high swinging arm halted his momentum.  Penalty advantage, new boy Zac needing no invite called for the ball from Slash on the blind, making a great break to the Stags 22, before offloading to a supporting Lance, showing the gains of summer fitness.  Brought down on the 5m, a pick and go from Rory tied the defence in, Slash, trying his best not to stamp many a deserving hand off the ball, shipped the ball.  Simple hands moving nice and easy, catch and give.  Joey Morgan eventually crossing the line to win the game, before knocking the kick over as well.


Final Score 24-21


MOM - Ask Billy and Chocs DOD - Johno for footballing


Tries - Tramp 2, Rory, Joey Morgan


Conversions - Johnno, Joey Morgan


Team Rors Adelaide George Arun Hugo Crazy Chris Russell Jono DJ C-Mike Tramp Zac DVD Oly Jacko Levi Slash Joey Morgan Kieron Morgan


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