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Thamesians 1XV

Match Report

A fine autumn Saturday greeted the T’s Boys as they awoke from their slumbers and minds were no doubt immediately fixed on keeping the 100% record intact and continuing to make a statement to the rest of the league about what a match against the T’s means.

Getting to Watford proved to be a slight nightmare and made many a young Irishman long for a traffic jam which meant being stuck behind a tractor for a few minutes but eventually everyone made it to our destination, although a quick mention to our Kiwi boss for bringing our Captain on a merry adventure which has been duly noted for Kangaroo Court proceedings!After a slightly more subdued warmup for T’s that is the norm, the game began in a flurry with Watford cleverly trying to capitalise on this fact and proceeded to try and bludgeon the defence with some hard line running and pick and go’s. What could perhaps turn out to be 10 of the most important minutes in T’s season Watford were kept at bay and what must have been a huge sucker punch to them they found themselves standing underneath their posts wondering how the hell they came to be there, after Johnno had a break down the wing, and after a few phases and some quick hands by Graham, Keegan sprang (SA nod) over in the corner and T’s were 5-0 up.

This helped T’s find their way into the game and started to control the ball much better after the restart and sure enough this retained possession eventually led to a second score. After a number of phases, T’s found themselves loitering around Watford’s 22 and Kieran set up a ruck in the middle of the field and at the back of the ruck, with a nod to the training on Thursday, John ‘Goosey’ Colclough looked up saw some space, threw a beautiful dummy and hot-stepped the full back out of his boots and you will not stop him from there. 12-0.

Not long after, another period of sustained possession from T’s but without the resulting territory Kieron put in a kick to pin them back and between a bad bounce for Watford, some hesitation and some great kick chasing by Johnno, he found himself cantering under the sticks which he duly converted. 19-0 and cruising.

There was always going to be a fight back from a strong Watford side and they got their just desserts after a backs move off their first phase was defended poorly by T’s but perhaps due to accumulation and their winger scored in the corner. 19-5.

That wasn’t to be it for the first half, as my poor fingers can attest to writing now, and a break by man of the match Goosey Colclough brought T’s deep into Watford territory and some phases and rucks and Arlind digging around the back of a ruck like a demented mole (one for the Jonah Lomu Rugby fans), got a call from Goosey, where himself and Johnno were 2 on 2. Only one winner there, bonus point secured and Johnno nailed his touchline kick. The first half report should have ended here but for one key point, T’s won a scrum penalty after time had expired and our spice boy Goosey proceeded to kick the ball out himself as he enjoys the attention, for shame! 26-5 and half time.

With the second half restart Watford again came out of the blocks quickly and this time turned that pressure into points. Some good work in their backline saw the ball find its way to their freight train of a winger, who must have been at least 8 feet tall, came barreling down on yours truly, gave a solid hand off to the chin and was on his way under the posts and left me to pick myself off the floor with a dislocated finger for my troubles (making this report much harder, shame on you freight train) and the score was 26-12.

T’s showed their resilience and attitude and hit straight back. After a few penos brought T’s up to the corner, we were held up over line, scrum five, Goosey picked up at the back and went the to the blindside, fed it to Arlind who fixed a man and moved it on to Keegan Habana to score his second. 31-12.

An attritional 15 minutes followed with neither team really grabbing a hold of the game and playing a bit of tennis with the ball before Watford started to get the upper hand and worked their way deep into T’s 22 and after some sustained pressure and some infringements by T’s, scored with a quick tap peno under the posts. 12 point game and Watford chasing two bonus points. 31-19.

Again T’s showed their stellar attitude and got back into the game in a big way with replacements breathing some fresh air into the team and showed how important it is to have a strong and committed squad as it no doubt helped secure this big away win. With this lease of new life, those who were playing and in attendance then got to witness something truly special as they saw Bam Bam make a clean break and show the Watford 9 a clean pair of heels and took off for the posts. What happened next one may never know, but I would like to believe that Bam Bam never seeing these posts so close before, got swept in a sudden panic for fear of what these weird white sticks might do to him elected not to pass to 1 of 3 clowns to the left of him or 2 to jokers on his right and elected for his own lyrics and instead threw the ball straight over his head and the ball! Next time stick to the lyrics Bam Bam, don’t go rogue.

After this we were brought towards the final minutes with T’s grinding out game, only for Arlind to somehow ferret his way down a gap on the blind side and feed our little Springbok Keegan away to scamper away for his hat-trick and get a nice hug from the Watford 7 as a congratulations.

The game finished as it started with Watford trying to blow the T’s house down but and Rory and his pigs like their house and were not up for sharing today and a turnover pen sealed the game.

No Bonus point for Watford and 5 points for the T’s and their faithful! 36-19.

#WeMove (but never from the top of the table!!)

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