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Thamesians 1XV

Match Report

Saturdays match was a highly anticipated local derby, the lads arrived well before KO in good spirits, it was a day of firsts for the club. The first time coach Billy didn't say "one last thing from me". The first time local alcoholic Zac Tewake showed up sober and the first game back after the Christmas break for many. 

The game started in T's favour, a good amount of pressure on the much bigger pack of Old I's started to show at scrum-time. In the loose T's had the better of their opponents with big defensive efforts from Zac and Darcy in the mid-field. The pressure built until 17 minutes in the deadlock was broken, the backs (and Darcy) showing some slick hands to get in behind the defence and the ball ending up in the mits of Benjamin Button himself to crash over the line. Kieran then added the extras to make the score 7-0. From the restart Adi, not known for his hands claimed the high ball which was then recycled quickly. The ball found its way to Callum Savill, one of the quickest players in the squad who had some serious space in front of him, he glided past the full back to go under the sticks. Once more Kieran kindly added the extras. 

T's continued to build pressure and on many occasions got in behind Old I's only for their handling to let them down. Make no mistake this game was far from over, with Old I's mounting a good attack and gaining some good metres through a few of their big runners. Captain Rory O'Reilly found himself on the wrong side of the ruck one too many times and was granted a 10 minute breather from the Ref. With the lads camped on their own line for a few minutes repelling wave after wave of 20+ stone men, T's turned the ball over on their own line. After 2 phases we found ourselves the other end of the pitch and an unfortunate knock on over the line stopped the attack in its track. Even with Prop O'Reilly in the bin T's scrum remained dominant thanks to the immense work of the front row. Old I's were camped on their own line and decided it would be a good time to kick the ball down the throat of the rather rusty but still gorgeous George, who thanks to a very indulgent Christmas tips the scales at a solid 140kg. The big man only knows one direction (great band) which is dead straight, unfortunately some mere mortal who couldn't have weighed more than 75kg soaking wet with two brinks in his pockets stood in his way. The big man made light work of the flanker who was met with cries from the sidelines of 'get you some of that whilst he appreciated the view from his back. From the following phases Old I's turned the ball over and cleared their lines only as far as the Ruck-shy Number 8 John Colclough who tried to follow suit but fell at the first hurdle. 

Soon after T's won a penalty after some good work over the ball from C-mike and Franco. The ball was nudged into the corner by Keiran just inside the 22. The lineout proved to be a weapon all game and this was no exception, with the 2 try scorers combining at the lineout to set up the maul, the Old I's pack was driven back over their line.  Who would emerge claiming the score? None other than the contact-shy Number 8 Mr. Cokes himself, perhaps an explanation of his shyness towards contact is that the man is exhausted from punching above his weight off the pitch. 

With skipper O'Reilly back on the pitch it was just about time for him to take another 10 minute break as the first half finished 19-0 in favour of T's. 

The second-half started similarly to the end of the first, a very scrappy in parts with glimmers of brilliance from both teams. Old I's were the first to pile on the pressure with big hits coming from Keiran and C-Mike. Wingers Keegan and John had a field day down the flanks as long as they caught the pass intended for them. From a knock-on Old I's mounted an attack which required every  T's player to put their body on the line to keep the score at nil. As the pressure grew so did the confidence in the T's defence with some heavy hits and slow ball T's gave themselves the opportunity to start lining up the Old I's players, once again big George making his weight difference count by folding the Old I's prop like an origami expert, the play was then brought back because.... you guessed it, Lance gave away a penalty. The ball was kicked to the corner by Old I's only to be spoiled by Savill and the T's pack. 

T's then went up the pitch will the aforementioned shy man himself going under the posts after butchering a 4-man overlap and to top it off executed a swan-dive to the disgust of all in attendance. 

T's continued to dominate in defence and in attack, in the dying moments, a man who prefers to stand at 13 rather than in a ruck once again found himself outside Darcy. He made the bold decision to attempt the intercept and like an obese Brian Habana he saw his opportunity and pounced. Cruising home under the posts to make the score 31-0. Keiran added the extras and that's all she wrote folks. 

Big hand to all the supporters who made the long trek to Isleworth a true testament to your character. 

Team : Rory O'Reilly, Collin Coogan, Adelaid Cela, Bam Bam, C-Mike, George Flatman (MOtM), Lance Davies, Callum Savill, Cokes, Slashypants, Keiran, Zac, Darce, Keegan, John, Arlind, Seb.

Man of the Match :George Flatman

Dick of the day: Darcy

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