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Uxbridge 1XV



Thamesians 1XV

Match Report

After three painful defeats in a row Thamesians came to Uxbridge knowing we had something to prove - that we could play and control a full match like we had against Quintin. Things started well when Tramp had his shorts returned to him unharmed and tighter than ever (Hurray!).

Early pressure yielded a try for Will (Nobby) and after that we were able to keep the momentum throughout the match.  Two tries for Billy in his return from “retirement”, two for Mark Lynch including a particularly impressive dive and stretch for the line, three for Kieran with one being a foot race from our 22 that nobody saw him losing, two tries for Tramp with his super tight shorts returned and even a mighty run in from captain Rory, who elected to use his own pace over that of the two wingers and full back waiting outside him.

A thoroughly impressive return to form that as you can appreciate has made it hard for me to remember the exact order of these tries (being too slow to keep pace with most of the try scorers doesn’t help either).  Jonno gave his usual strong kicking display to leave Thamesians on a very impressive 67 points.  The biggest change from the last three weeks however was seen in the change of mindset each time Uxbridge scored, under the posts there was total confidence that we could win this match by playing our game.

The hard work in defence stopped Uxbridge’s big runners making ground on several occasions.  Particular compliments should go to Tramp, Lynch and Jonesy for some intimidating tackles, Jonesy winning this week’s “biggest hit” competition.

When attacking, the backs looked confident and fast, great lines and hands all around making them very hard to handle.  In the forwards scrum time was back to full power, winning plenty of ball against the head along with control of our own scrum.  Lineouts were back to form as well, consistently winning our own ball although Coogan is no doubt sad that we were unable to secure him another driving maul try…

A great match and hopefully the first of many such performances.

1. Sam B 2. Coogan 3. Rory 4. Jonesy 5. Tramp 6. C-Mike 7. Lance 8. Lynch 9. Slash 10. Billy 11. Jonno 12. Nobby 13. Dan Jones 14. Kieran 15. Buddha


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