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Thamesians 1XV




Match Report

Off the back of a win away to Uxbrigde, Thamesians hoped to get a win at MHP.  We knew we faced a tough opposition in Hendon (who had last season given us two great battles) and we hoped we could have a repeat of the previous games.

From the kick off Jonno gathered a loose ball beating three defenders, just to get caught short of the line.  This allowed Ts to set a fast paced game.  After completing phase after phase the team got a penalty to the left of the post, a quick tap by Slash allowed Rory to take the ball just short of the line.  It was then Coogans turn which he managed to get the ball down, an impressive and encouraging start from Ts.

After the restart Ts seemed to have dropped down a few gears and were caught in a battle with the opposition’s forwards.  Hendon were pinned in their half and they tried a box kick which was valiantly charged down by Dan Jones.   This pushed the oppo back on to their 22 and this time their 10 kicked straight in to the arms of Jonno who ran the ball forward.  A cheeky little grubber kick through saw a foot race to the ball, which Jonno won, reaching the try line to score.  Unfortunately, the referee called Jonno back, because of a push on the Hendons full back.

After a first half which Ts would say was not one of their best performances, the second half came and what a second half it was.  Ts showed their heart and passion for the club, with great driving mauls from the forwards and running from the backs, We looked like the amazing side we can be, but alas, no matter how hard we pushed, the trys would not come.  Whatever we did we simply could not get the ball over the white wash and as our hard fought for last points came from the boot of Jonno, the final score ended Ts 14-21 Hendon.

1 C Mike, 2 Coogan, 3 Rory, 4 Glenda, 5 Jonesy, 6 Dan Jones, 7 Franco, 8 James Earwig Iwrwin, 9 Slash, 10 Bill, 11 Jonno, 12 Kieran, 13 Nobby, 14 Callum, 15 Botha, 16 Lance, 17 Tramp


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