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Match Report

After a great result on the road last week, we were keen to continue our winning streak with a home win against Ickenham.  Unlike previous home games the preparation for the game was flawless.  Everyone on time and ready for battle.

Our warm up was fluid, with good communication and very few errors.  There was a good feeling amongst the boys and they looked ready.  Twenty minutes before kick-off we saw the dreaded sight of only 12 Ickenham players trudging towards the pitch like lambs to the slaughter. Ickenham had conceded the game, however they were still keen to get a run out, as were we.

The game kicked off and the intensity was good from both sides.  Big hits coming early on. The Thamesians boys were on the hunt for the “Smash em bru” trophy.  A call was made from the side line that anyone who kicked the ball had to buy a jug of beer and that was all the encouragement our boys needed.  Jonno was like a kid in a sweet shop – using every opportunity to turn on the afterburners and go on the outside of his opposite number and underneath the sticks.  Matty Yates on the opposite wing really rolled back the clock and was like a young JPR Williams with sidesteps that could only be viewed in slow motion as they were not visible to the naked eye.  Matt ran in a couple of tries and could have really got another couple had the ball come out to him, however we had young Dan Jones at 13 for the day and as Dan showed his eagerness to impress his GF on the side line as well as his cousin Matt who was turning out for his debut for T’s.  Dan showed some good pace on occasions but the overriding feature of Dan’s game is that he is a greedy, selfish ……(completely unptintable – ed).  He did however manage to bag a hat trick, which included shouting at his cousin to pass to him behind the try line for him to score his third.  His cousin Matt bagged himself two good tries and would be a welcome addition to the T’s family any time he is available (once he loses the stud in his ear – health and safety, you understand).

Thamesians had our very own version of Brian O’Driscoll in Colin Coogan or “Ol Duck Arse” as he is known back in Ireland - who took every possible opportunity to stretch his legs and go on meandering runs.  Colin bagged himself a couple of well taken tries. Colin also took pleasure in reminding everyone that he is currently Thamesians top try scorer with five tries which Mike Jury happily quipped in with “Wow, I thought we had more than five driving mauls this year”.

The Smashem Bru trophy was a tight contest with everyone shooting out of the line looking for the big one.  Lance put in a couple of big hits, Nobby was searching for the right line to absolutely pole axe someone but it never came.  The hit of the day eventually stood out and could be heard on the side line when Lynchy absolutely mullered some poor guy who ended up in a heap on the floor.  Queue laughter and cheering from the side line with Head Coach James Gent letting the team know that we have a winner only to be interjected by new kid on the block Kieran Morgan shouting back “THERES STILL TIME”.  There was a few other big hits including another beasting from Lynchy to the same guy.  Poor chap.

Kieran Morgan was the standout player of the day showing some great hands and controlling the backline like a seasoned pro.  Kieran has an incredible ability to find space and to manipulate opposing backlines which is just as well as he reaffirmed his position as the slowest fly half in World Rugby.  Kieran bagged a couple of trys including a break away try when he slipped through a couple of tackles and “raced” towards the posts.  It seemed as if it would be dark before he touched down, but he made it. Well done.

DOTD went to Dan Jones for bullying his cousin into passing to him under the posts to bag a hatrick.

Try scorers:

Everyone but Lance

1. C-Mike; 2. Coogs; 3. Rors; 4. Tramp; 5. Nick Green; 6. Lance; 7. Irwin; 8. Lynchy; 9. Callum; 10. Kieran Morgan; 11. Yatesy; 12. Nobby; 13. Dan Jones; 14. Buddha; 15. Jonno; 16. Matt Gerlach; 17. Cookie

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