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Spartans (2XV)




Match Report

This week see Spartans take on Quintin at home, weather conditions took a big turn from the previous week resulting in wet muddy conditions.

It was Spartans who kicked off the game at Marble Hill Park with Quintin receiving. The first 15 minutes was a defensive battle in the middle of the park but with Quintin slowly applying more and more pressure resulting in Spartans slowly being pushed back.

The home side started to give away a few silly penalties, one after the other. Eventually, Quintin were level with the posts and opted to kick. With the penalty scored the Spartans were due to reset 0 - 3 down!

With Spartans forwards making hits and the backs holding off their opposite numbers, they were starting to put on the pressure Working there way towards the gain line. With a penalty for T’s just beyond the halfway. Billy Edmonds stepping in at 10 decided to instead of kicking to touch play a crafting tap and go releasing  Dean Oliver and giving him space to run, after gaining metres all the way to the oppos 22 and eventually being dragged down by 3 of Quintin's players. He managed to offload and a few more phases were made, eventually with the ball being spread across the pitch, Joe Bright managed to get himself over the line and on the scoresheet for Spartans.

The kick was missed leaving the score as Spartans 5 - 3 Quintins.

Quintins soon bounced straight back, again applying that pressure and with the home side giving away several penalties again they managed to eventually bulldoze their way over the try line.

With the conversion scored scores were left Spartans 5 - 10 Quintin.

That did not stop Spartans there though. With halftime soon approaching the Ts started to once again apply masses of pressure resulting in Tom Rose scoring in the corner.

With Dean missing another conversion it left the scores at halftime as Spartans 10 - 10 Quintins.

For the first  20 minutes of the second half, both teams were putting in the hits and keeping each other at bay! With both teams still giving away penalties and the ref giving his last warnings resulted in Spartans Billy Edmonds receiving a yellow and sent to the bin for 10.

Spartans managed to hold there own! With Kenny Hassan stealing the oppos line-outs. The home side managed to switch it up a gear finally and started to push Quintin back.

With 10 minutes to go and the scores still tied this game was anyone’s for the taking but with Ts turning it up and Quintin tiring. Phase after phase and breakdown after breakdown. Joe bright found himself yet again falling over the line and putting the home side back in front.

With the conversion missed the scores were Spartans 15 - 10 Quintins.

Spartans was not finished there though, with Yanis Mariano dancing through players creating meters for Ts. A couple of phases pushed us closer to the posts resulting in paolo granelli seeing a gap and adding himself to the scoresheet.

This time dean scoring the conversion secured Ts lead putting them 22 - 10 in front.

Quintin tried to apply the pressure back but Spartans were having none of it. With every player putting his shift in. There was no getting past this side now.

The whistle was blown and Spartans have got the win.

Spartans 22 - 10 Quintin

Man of the match was awarded to Yanis Mariano, with dick of the day easily being handed to Bill Edmonds

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