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Spartans (2XV)



Harlequin Amateurs

Match Report

This week Spartans we’re home to table toppers Harlequin Ams. With the rain hammering it down all morning, outside was as wet as a mermaids knickers! 

With the ground sloshy and the weather still drizzly Ts we’re preparing themselves for a forwards game. 

2 pm was upon us, Ts we’re set to kick off the game coming straight out the blocks with intensity on a high! With Quins at first, trying to run the ball using the forwards but T's defence kept knocking them back eventually causing Quins to make mistakes. 

Ts with the ball in hand started to run it back at them working in there pods were gradually making metres up the pitch. With the conditions as wet and sloppy as they were balls were being spilled by both teams. Eventually, Quins were able to work around us and eventually release there winger to go over in the corner. 

Ts kept there heads up and stuck together defensively still trying to knock Quins back. With tiredness kicking in the gaps were opening up and Quins were able to run through to score another couple.

Halftime whistle was blown. 

With a few motivational words from the captain in the huddle at halftime. T's were ready to go again but it wasn’t long until Quins we’re on the front foot again running it with there big forwards and counter rucking the Ts everytime to eventually go under the posts for another try! 

This time Ts started to put together what they’ve been doing at training using there Rambo balls. Slowly punching there way up the pitch. Unfortunately yet again tiredness kicked in and mistakes were being made which allowed Quins to run through one last time to put more points on the board. 

With a game mostly full of scrums and players putting their bodies on the line the final whistle was eventually blown. 

Man of the match - Kenny Hassan 

Dick of the Day - Arlind

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