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Spartans (2XV)

Match Report

On the 20th of October the spartans made the very long and inconvenient trip to hackney where after a short but efficient warm up and an ever longer chat from the ref hackney kicked off.

Straight from the get go the Spartans were on the front foot with the forward pack making massive amounts of metres punching the ball up in there pairs and hackney not being able to cope with the brunt force that was being used, this allowed the back line into there element being able to ship the ball out wide and put hackney under real pressure.

Following great work from the forwards and Arlind seemingly running the game for the backline, hambo ran under the posts, for the first try of the game followed by a successful conversion from Louis.

Again a great kick off receipt saw the forward pack gain metre after metre, again the backs pulling out the moves for Stuart to score his 1st try for the club with another successful conversion.

After a lot of grunt work from the forwards they decided they would get in on the act punching it up, for newcomer Lee to then get his first for the club, making a huge run and shrugging off multiple tackles to  too go over followed up with another successful conversion from George.

Again hard work from the forwards allowed the backs to play their game, with hambo seemingly flying over for his second of the game, only for the referee to not be in position to give the try while hackney pushed the ball off the line.

However hackney finally finding some footing were able to bring a try for the home-side crashing the ball over followed by a quick conversion.

With Spartans defending one of the very few moments of hackney pressure turning the ball over for a penalty, A moment of madness from 9 Paolo while trying to take a quick penalty only to fumble the ball and give the ball straight back to hackney by all accounts fully worthy of dick of the day.

With Spartans pretty much dominating every aspect of the game from the scrum and line outs to penalties and line breaks, with the ref seemingly allowing the game to flow apart from a few high tackles which brought a couple of stoppages the whistle was blown for half time.

Into the second half and with a crowd gathering for the home side more pressure was being put on the Spartans however there defence held strong, but while this was happening more and more penalties were being given to each side and the referee gave the final warning that next penalty will be a stint in the bin.

This happened to be try scorer Lee who didn’t wrap his arms after a hard crunching tackle.

But while The Spartans were down to 14 men they held firm before Arlind decided to make another line break holding off tackles before offloading to a screaming Hambo on his outside who stepped passed the last man and over for his second, seriously screaming never thought id see it but the silent assassin was not so silent when calling for that ball.

The conversion was then charged down

And with that the game petered out and the ref finally blew for the end of the game

Dick of the day: Paolo 

Man of the match: Lee 

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