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Bank of England



Spartans (2XV)

Match Report

A hard game this week for the Spartans, with an unfortunate turnout that didn't reflect our efforts. We were outmatched by a larger pack which dominated the game leaving us with a hard upward climb from the start.

The first half of the game was played with the wind against us leaving their fly-half with an environmentally complimented and larger than life boot.  A fast chase up by their defensive line made gaining any real ground a difficult challenge. They managed to capitalise on our errors scoring the first two sets of points against us. 

After several close attempts we managed to get the ball out to our talented apparently quite speedy centre Ben who managed to make a successful break with a 20 metre dash to put the first points on the board for the Spartans. 

With Bank of England eager to retaliate they set up many offensive strikes, but against our defence we were managing to hold our own until many phases later they broke our lines and scored. 

We managed to make several breaks in the enemy lines with the backs by the likes of Yates, Ben, Dan, Jake and Jacko.  There was powerful offensives by PK and Banner and we even sighted our skilful and aero-dynamically shaped skipper Kevin attempt a side step.

Although a defeat was not intended we are ever confident in our abilities and are awaiting our next game to rectify.  Bring on Belsize Park IIIs!

1.Jack S, 2. PK, 3. Jacob, 4. Nick Green, 5. Kev, 6. Ollie W, 7. Banner, 8. Banksy, 9. JJ, 10. Yatesy, 11. Walker, 12. Dan, 13. Ben Lee, 14. Jacko, 15. Jake, 17. Bradders, 18. DaveJohn, 20. Paddy, 21. Bart

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