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Old Isleworthians II



Spartans (2XV)

Match Report

Spartans and the Isleworthians were aggressive from kick off.  Both sides played intense rugby and nobody was afraid to get involved in the rucks.  Unfortunately during a few of these rucks the Spartans gave away three penalties which resulted in the Isleworthians getting a nine point lead.  Notwithstanding this, we did not give up and after ten minutes Glen Thompson got a brilliant try.  Old Isleworthians then equalised with a try before the half time whistle was blown. 

Colm Foy switched with Jake O’Brien for the second half.  The second half started well with the team working together and progress was made when Kristian Martinez scored a great try.  Isleworthians then received two consecutive trys and unfortunately converted them both.  JJ Injured himself in the first 15 minutes and was unable to continue (but hey, that’s what happens when you get old …).  So ‘old man’ JJ came off and Colm Foy came back on. Other Injuries included Arlind Cela and Tom Raper.  Surprisingly, Jake O’Brien remained injury free!

1. Jay, 2. Banner, 3. Christian, 4. Newe, 5. Glenda, 6. Lock, 7. Bradders, 8. Inchy, 9. Tom R, 10. JJ, 11. Jacko, 12. Arlind, 13. George, 14. Colm, 15. Ben, 16. Bart, 17. Jake, 18. Paul Barrett


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