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Spartans (2XV)



Haringey Rhinos

Match Report

After our loss last week narrowly missing out to Northolt, we were keen to bounce back and take the positives on board and implement them into the match ahead of us.  After arriving at Haringey and being messed around, we were all keen to get on with the job in hand.  Pitch conditions weren’t great, but we were fired up and ready to take the fight to Haringey from the get go.

From the kick off we were all geared up to give Haringey a difficult day at the office.  The first 25 minutes played, we were performing brilliantly, going through our phases and game plan very well and keeping the oppo at bay.  This resulted in us gaining a few trys.  Big props going to the forwards (no pun intended) for the excellent work in clearing out the rucks and retaining ball possession, along with good hard running made by all players. Even towards the end of the first half when Haringey did have a spell of possession, our solid defence prevented them from getting very far; due to strong tackling and good counter rucking to regain the ball. 

Although after our initial dominance, our foot was taken off the gas slightly, this allowed Haringey some chances to make yards towards our try line.  Nevertheless, our strong defence and high work rate prevented them from getting very far.  On the other hand our discipline didn’t help us by losing a few yards to daft penalties.  First half over, everyone felt good and were ready to face the next 40 minutes.

As the second half progressed, the pitch condition deteriorated, but we kept the pressure up and kept knocking on the door; this resulted in us being rewarded with more trys, putting the game out of reach for Haringey to contest.  Hard running from the forwards, partnered with the great handling and pace of the backs, shifting the ball down the line to put us firmly ahead.  We didn’t let up and were relentlessly piling on the pressure to finish the game with an important win for Spartans, giving us the best chance possible for the playoffs.

The one thing we are going to have to work on for the future guys is ........karaoke!!

Players List: 1.Jacob 2.Banner 3.Christian 4.Kev 5.Soups 6.DaveJohn 7.PK 8.Gav Lock 9.JJ 10. Dan H 11.Jacko 12.Bradders 13.Goldwin 14.Colm 15.Jake 16.Arun 17.Jack Sneddon 18. Michal Sulkowski

Man of the Match: Gav Lock

Dick of the Day: James Goldwin


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