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Spartans (2XV)




Match Report

After a few last minute phone calls and texts from our skipper and others, Spartans managed to put together a strong team, including Johnno, Soups, Jonesy, Buddha and eventually our very own Crazy showed up in time for kick off!! After a good physical first 10 minutes, everything looked pretty even, until a penalty was conceded within kicking range and eased over the posts. From then on it seemed as though the ref was against the Spartan side, making calls for no reason and shortly after Northolt scored a try. But Spartan heads were held high and the battling continued. With some great jumping at 4 from Jonesy and swift hands from the backs Spartans came close and scored a penalty kick, converted by Johnno. The half ended and everyone could see during the break that the rather larger forwards of the Northolt side were tiring. This would be our half!!

During the closely fought first 15, Northolt managed to sneak in another try from a penalty, although Kieran claims his arm was under the ball. At this point, subs were made and Johnno ran for his scrum cap so he could safely play as a centre! However Northolt began to get sloppy, and the ref punished them accordingly. With two sin bins over the last 25 after and some good forwards strength and lightening speed from the backs, a try was almost scored by Ceri, if only his arms were slightly longer!! Thereafter Dan Jones scored in the far corner. The game continued with a great kick from Kieran, Calum managing to get under the ball catching our kick. Great work. With 10 minutes to go and from a set piece inside Northolts 22 the ball motored down the line finding Jacko who scored the Spartans second try. We could feel victory within our grasp, but sadly it wasn't to be with the match ending 13-16 Northolt.

I felt that overall we were the better side, despite what the score line leads you to believe!! Crazy put in an excellent innings with ferocity that is hard to be bettered. In all everyman put in a great performance and I thoroughly enjoyed my Saturday afternoon. Thank you all.

Team: Christian, Ceri, Jay, Soups, Bradders, Ben Jones, Callum, Lieran, Jake, Arlind, James Goldwin, Jonno, Buddha.

Subs: Bart, Jacko.

Winning Man of the Match was Soups for an all round great performance. Dick of the Day went out to Johnno for the scrum cap incident!?

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