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Thamesians 1XV




Match Report

The stage was set for the Thamesians to set out their plan for this season, a massive home game for the side against Feltham had everyone hyped for the match.  The tone was well and truly set with Wigs happily shouting "I've been waiting for this!". 

The Spartans had laid down the gauntlet with their impressive win against Ealing Exiles with some of our boys appetite whetted having put in their first shift of the day in that game.  The changing room was buzzing as the season began and there was a rousing speech from our fearless coach Billy to get the boys pumped and Rory's continual challenge to dominate the match, like we knew we could, but make sure to play with a smile on our face - a new mantra for the season.  With the sun shining we took to the pitch in the ultimate grudge match against our Goliath.  Proving that the work we'd put in pre-season was worth it Thamesians first try was scored courtesy of Five Star Joey Morgan in the first five minutes and beautifully converted by Jonno, who thankfully didn't take his shirt off to celebrate (the fans were treated to that later).  Feltham took advantage of our elation at the first try of the season to run in a try of their own, but were not able to convert. 

Unhappy with that lapse of concentration our boys quickly got their act together with Big George, a bleeding warrior from the first game, securing the ball from the restart with a salmonesque jump and trundle forward into the heart of the opposition.  Thamesians began to run through the plays we'd carefully honed over the preseason and scoring two more tries courtesy of Five Star Morgan (a hat trick in under 15 minutes we're all waiting with baited breath for what he'll follow that impressive show up with next week - Kieran on the other hand has already relinquished his share of the top try scorer trophy and Coogs already knows he won't get a look in!).  One of which came from a Wigs offload from the ground that Sonny Bill Williams would have been proud of but our rampant  Wiggles admitted to not really knowing much about it.  With the score line set at 19 - 5 our desire to cross the line was heightened, our pack worked together superbly and after a great bit of play in the loose from the forwards a tireless Oly, who had already put in a shift for the Spartans, was there the carry the ball over the line for our forth try of the half, converted with excellent precision by Jonno.

The unrelenting Thamesians quickly regrouped to give Wigs, who was playing like a man possessed (so much so the ref questioned whether he was on anything and if he needed to do a drugs test!), crossed the whitewash for a well-deserved try of his own.  The 6th and final try...of the half came with moments to spare before the whistle.  Jake, having had dizzy spell from his 70 metre lung busting run (he'll tell you it was 80) in the Spartans game, got his lungs working again to dot the ball down over the line in the corner (well done Poppet) and give Thamesians an even more impressive lead going into half time with Jonno effortlessly slotting the ball between the posts for the 5th time.

Half time saw the score at 40 - 5, although our try scoring prowess in the first half befuddled the ref so much that he had the score at 44 - 5, a quick bit of maths during the break proved that to be somewhat impossible... A weary Feltham were already questioning the ref about calling this early but Ts smelt blood and were keen to keep their foot on the threat.  Half time words came on from our Kiwi Chief to keep up the good work and there was even better news - contact had been made across the Atlantic to an overseas contingent thanks to the ever reliable (in terms of updating scores not for his presence at training) Kourosh, with the news coming back that if we racked up 100 points the lads would have a free hour at the more incentive was needed.

Pumped from a strong first half Thamesians regrouped and found themselves again on the front foot dominating open play and rucks.  Some impressive attempts at defence from the beleaguered Feltham was no match for the rampant and mighty Ts.  Another bulldozing run from Hollywood Griffiths set Jonno free and with blistering speed he rushed over the line for the 7th try of the game reigniting the tenacity of the first half his try heralded several more. 

After more ferocious work from a well drilled pack who hit anything that moved, defended the fringes superbly and caused general havoc all over the pitch. Billy must be doing something right in training as the hands of the big man were fantastic with Bam Bam (who apparently plays better hungover) and Captain Fantastic Rory combining well to allow Salvador to bundle over the 8th try.  The two visiting De Cunha's put on an impressive display of strength and handling skills to help slot Salvador over for the 8th and 9th tries of the game much to the upset of Sebastiao who later told Rory that if the 15 had actually passed to him once or twice he would have definitely outscored his brothers - Franco was busy not getting involved in the try scoring malarkey and was more interested in trying to lead his band of brothers by example with scything tackles and devastating crashes.  Just the sight of these tackles was enough to give George the fear of living up to his glass George nickname (or it may have been another of his bullish runs) meant Sir Newe arrived back on the scene to put in another monumental shift around the park.

Feeling revived by sugar and his try in the first half, Jake couldn't wait to get his hands on the ball again, running miles (ahem) to slot over his second and the 10th try of the game with a strange noise of glee escaping from him as he dotted down between the sticks.  As the clock ticked into the last 10 minutes Ts continued with the high intensity and with slick hands from the back of the breakdown from the silent assassin Dan Hamblin who had a storming game when you consider he was playing out of position and had already cut one teams defence to shreds in the game before this he continued energy and pure excitement to be anywhere near the ball was integral to the team constantly getting over the gain line time after time.  Following more great hands from the forwards in the middle of the park Haribo was given the pill to run the ball into the far corner for the 11th and final try of the game. 

The referee was ready to call time early which meant Philippe Tait, better known for his penchant for being naked and singing talent, had an opportunity in what could be his final game for Thamesians (we all know he'll be back soon) to kick for the final points of the game. It wouldn't be easy though as the kick was right in the corner but being the majestic, sublime player he is the ball sailed between the posts bringing the final score to a resounding 78 - 5.  A phenomenal effort from the boys has seen us proudly take our spot at the top of the table on the opening weekend but this is just the start and there is still hard work to keep us up there.

Cracking work boys! The beers were well deserved afterwards.

Tries: Joey x 3, Oly, Wigs, Jake x 2, Jonno, Salvador x 2, Dan

Man of the Match: Wigs

Dick of the Day: Franco - he should have brought more brothers along.


Squad list:


1. Bam Bam, 2. Coogs, 3. Rors, 4. George, 5. Sebastiao, 6. Salvador, 7. Oly, 8. Wigs, 9. Dan Hamblin, 10. Goose, 11. Jakey, 12. Franco, 13. Tramp, 14. Joey, 15. Jonno, 16. Kev, 17. Taity


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