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Thamesians 1XV




Match Report


Thamesians turned up to St Mary’s University on what was a bitterly cold November morning. We came with a record of having won two and lost two so far this season, and we were determined to leave that day with more “W”s than “L”s to our name.

Watford however had other ideas. They were determined and looked sharp in their warm up, We knew this was not going to be an easy day.

Ts had the kickoff, and we won possession back ourselves. The ball came out to C-Mike who made a dash down the wing before popping off to the returning Baker who went over in the corner. Ts are 5-0 up after 30 seconds.

Once the game settled down a little Watford showed what stern competition they were. The match was a bruising encounter with big hits going in all over the park. Ts scrum creaked. Watford got their heads up. However, a break from our own half saw debutant Dave “football” Jones break free and touch down under the posts. Ts are 12-0 up.

But the pressure continued from Watford. Soon enough they were in Ts 22 with penalty advantage. An opportunistic kick out to the wing was picked up by the wind and had the ball twisting and turning through the air before an unlucky bounce saw it returned to the attackers. Watford score. Ts 12 – 5 Watford. Another penalty just before the break saw Watfords close the gap further. Ts 12 – 8 Watford. Half time.

Watford started the second half as determined as they had finished the first. If Ts thought the second half wind advantage was going to carry them home that day then they were wrong. An ill-disciplined period of play by Ts saw them concede two tries. Ts 12 – 20 Watford. We are in the final quarter.

But Ts do not give up! We continued with our endeavor to not let our record fall below 50%. In a valiant attempt to try and take back the momentum, Captain Rory gave the ball to Joey Morgan for a 40(?) metre penalty, which Joey coolly slotted over without a care in the world. Ts 15 – 20 Watford. The momentum is ours.

We continue to press up the field, using the wind where we can to press for territory. Having practiced the driving line out for most of our most recent training session, we decide to deploy our secret weapon. One attempt saw us truck the ball up 25 metres before George Flatman made the reach of the century to ground the ball. Ts Try. 20 – 20. Game on.

The period that followed was particularly tough. Both teams wanted this win. As we had been warned at half time, to come away with the “W”, we would have to want it more. Our scrum still creaked, their big runners still made yards. Into the final minute, scrum half Slash picked up the ball at the base of the scrum and spotted a gap that would have eluded any lesser player. He made a dash for it. Support was on hand from Kieran,  who carried on making yards up the pitch. There was one more pass to beat the last man before Ts went over for a try. There was jubilation from all in maroon, and devastation from our formidable opposition from Watford. The conversion went over and the full time whistle was blown. Ts 27 – 20 Watford. 

The celebrations were long. The hangovers are ongoing.

1.Sam B, 2.Banner, 3.Rory, 4.Dave Jones (Debut for 1’s), 5.George (thanks for organising pitch), 6.Lance, 7.Mike Jury, 8.The Baker, 9.Slash, 10.Kieran, 11.Ben S, 12.Franco, 13.Tramp, 14.Leo (Debut for 1’s), 15.Joe M, 16.Christian M


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