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Harlequin Amateurs



Thamesians 1XV

Match Report

The day was set with Spartans having an early kick off and Ts an evening kick off at the Stoop.

With a good number of Ts making their way down to watch the Spartans, with two even playing in the game, some great winning motivation and inspiration was provided by a very resilient and dogged performance by the boys in horrendous conditions.

Spartans claiming the W while laying down a marker for Ts.

With pitch access only scheduled for about 45 in advance of kick off the clubhouse was the designated warm up and motivational speech area.

With skipper and coach not receiving the required support by some heavy traffic and unreliable cab services the warm up time was drastically cut. Ts were quickly in and out onto the pitch for a short sharp although very focussed session.

The scene was set for a good game of rugby, Harlequin’s amateurs by all accounts had come to play and win.

A crowd had gathered to support Ts and the boys were switched on form the off.

The backs were soon receiving great ball from Slash, with Kieron using the destructive running of Tramps to early effect, sitting a couple of defenders. This mixed with soft hands and silky running of Zac allowed options and kept the defence guessing. It wasn’t long though before a storming Tramps went straight through to score under the posts after a good lineout secured by a determined pack. Restart and soon Ts had ball in hand again and looking out wide to both wingers, Joey and Matty, were they were both enjoying space a plenty. Attacking running saw a penalty conceded and from the resulting lineout some great forward interchange play between Lance and George saw George go one of his many storming runs into the 22, brought down although a great platform for the backs to show they had the edge and a Joey score in the corner.

Ts then had a slow 5 minutes and seemed a bit slow off the mark in defence allowing QA some space and quick ball. A couple of penalties and QA were on the attack in the 22 and brought down just short on the 5, Ts lineout. Lineout won although with clearing kick charged down pressure was on and QA were rewarded with a scrum 5 out. They used the ball well and managed one of their few backs moves with success and some slow Ts defence to score a try. With the conversion the scores were 12-7 to Ts.

This allowed Ts to refocus and go back to the game plan, some great running by Matty and a resulting clearing kick from QA paving the way for a penalty, 40 out although not out of reach for Joey. penalty kick to Ts.

Restart and some good skills shown by Kieron to gain advantage although turned over the resulting kick straight back Ts, some great hands and running again with Buddha taking advantage in one of many silky runs into space and going over the try. Score line now 22-7 to Ts.

A scrum from the restart and where special mention to the front row, Rory, C Mike and Sam who had to spend a large part of the game in the coal face of scrumming, scrum after scrum. The engine room did well considering the howling wind, C Mike great lineout throwing. A great break from Slash and Ts were on the front foot again into the QA half and pressing into the 22. Wiggs had not been on for long to receive his first touch of the game and what a moment, a try in under 30 seconds as reward for a great line by Wiggs. Half time and the score was 29-7 to Ts.

Ts against the wind for the 2nd half although with no intent to slow down, QA attack although with a great turnover Ts were soon back on the attack, in large to a very attacking back row unit of Dan, Calum and Lance. The ball was sent out wide to the left to build into the phases and this resulted in a couple of tight phases and then sent out wide the other side on the right, some great hands by the backs resulted in Lance running over for a try. Ts 34-7 up.

A poor restart resulting some QA pressure and scrum after scrum just out from the Ts try line, some determined and dogged defence resulted in a great turnover by Hugo, who did some great work in the loose as well as carries and much enjoyed clearing kick. This was followed by great defence, another turnover some quick hands Rory into space, enjoying a run and not scrum for a change to Zac with soft hands to Matty and into space and last line of defence able to stop the run into touch. QA finally had the ball and trying to force things allowing Tramps to intercept a quick run a little off load to Calum and Ts were in for another try. Tramps passed! 41 – 7 to Ts!

A passage of play that slowed the game down and resulted in yet more scrums for the front 5, some stoic work form Skinner, George and then young Stephen in the 2nd row ensuring Ts got a solid platform form the scrums as well as applying pressure to QA scrums. Ts finally got the platform and phases together which resulted on some great running, hands and Buddha was over for his second try of the game. 48-7 Ts

The restart taken by Sinner, back on, who seemed determined to go all the way and score from the restart. A great attempt with some desperate defence by QA bringing Skinner down although the damage done, the platform built and the back freed. Sending the ball out wide to Joey who very neatly finished off with a try. Ts 55- 7.

Moments later the ref brought an end to the game. Great performance by Ts for the win at the Stoop!



  1. Sam Burlinson
  2. Mike Jury
  3. Rory O’Reilly
  4. George Flatman
  5. Aaron Seymour
  6. Callum Savill
  7. Dan Jones
  8. Lance Davis
  9. Mark Slater
  10. Kieran Morgan
  11. Matt Peat
  12. Zac Tewake
  13. Michael Griffiths
  14. Joe Morgan
  15. Andre Cabera
  16. Stephen Savill
  17. Hugo Fildes
  18. James Irwin

Trys: Tramps, Joe, Buddha, Wiggs, Lance, Callum, Buddha, Joe

Con: Joey 6

Pen: Joey 1

Score: 7-55

Man of the Match: Joey and Lance

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