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Mill Hill



Thamesians 1XV

Match Report

Last Saturday, the last game of 2015 for Ts 1st XV saw us travel with a shortened squad of 16 to Mill Hill.  A long meander past the North Circular, with Banner being reminded he is banned from all 'normal' conversation.

From the kick off, Ts collected and made their intent clear, winning an early penalty through Lance, and Kieran smashing a long ball down the field for a Ts lineout. Darts complimentary from Gorgeous Beyonce Knowles George, and Ts were looking for early points, provided by an early crash bang wallop from Tramp.  Seems he has the taste for short line assaults again.  Kieran adding the extras.


From the MH return, a calm catch and collect before what could have been a four on two but poor hands and a fumble gave MH an attacking scrum, quickly snuffed out on the blind side by a combination of Dean and Ben S coming off his wing.


A booming kick again from Kieran and Ts were back in the MH 22, but alas more errors saw play slow to a standstill, with a combination of continuous lineouts and scrums for minor mistakes.  However, this could only hold so long, before the pack got things going again and Banner was dragged over, much to the team's delight. No conv.


Now for a monumental treat, Ts found their footing and third gear through Dean, who had some reason to let his bezzie Callum Savill know whose best.  Collecting off the kick off, he wound up, and found a gap before sprinting past the MH pack and backs and even gassing the full back, whilst Callum supporting him on the inside... Or hurling abuse.


Callum did try to emulate the moment, but couldn't avoid the third tackler.  But the tails were up and Ts were soon banging on the door through a cracking turnover by Kieffer, were it not for an inconsistent opinion of what Lance's in at the side is, the bonus point would have been wrapped up by half time.


Chocs and Rory's words at half time though sounded well. We weren't playing a structure or using the phases, and we had a fifth gear to find.


The second half began with an unfortunate knock on, before more poor play and repeat infringements saw the team on a 22 warning. A misjudgment in the centres, with Tramp and Dan Jones pushing up quickly, saw a short 13 ball evade both, and they were lucky Buddha and Ben S could cover tackle. However, good simple hands saw MH score in the corner, with a conv.


From the kick off, Jonesy and George made a great, you tackle, I steal combo, even if Jonesy had been 'sat down' making the tackle.  Eventually, leading to a scrum and Lance shipped one on to Slash, to Arun, who stepped and slid but couldn't find the line, flicking the ball back to Crazy, and with his first touch, scampered, or barrelled, over the line. Conv added.


Kick collected and George put down a head of steam, but the ensuing kick was poorly chased and led to MH pressure in T's 22, before a questionable yellow for Gorgeous  brought Ts down to 14 and eventually, a second try for MH with a conv.


From the kick off, MH pushed back into T's half, but still hadn't caught onto the high wind and Ts great line speed, seeing Dan Jones and Kieran catch the MH 12. Looking for the short line again, he tossed the ball up, only for Tramp to pick off the pass before NBA style sharing with Slash, to canter in from 50m out. Conv. added.


Back came MH though and repeat penalties came with a silly error, a quick tap and go saw Crazy make a try saving tackle... within 1m of the mark, him and George swapped pleasantries as they swapped over.  From the following penalty though, the MH 10 ghosted the defence, but then also the dead ball line. A quick hoof down field and T's made another turn over, with Kieran pulling holes for fun, put Ts through the middle, before simple hands found Dean for his second.


Following this, Ts began to line break for fun, with Dan Jones finding room to shift, before quick hands moved the ball from ruck to wing, and Ben S grabbing one as well.


With the clock ticking down, Ts were still 7 short of 50, and all wanted it. A clear carry from Rory, knocking defenders off their feet before having to be swarmed to prevent his movement. Lance, stepping into 9 as Slash cleared out, weighted a perfect pass for Tramp to pick a hole and put Arun down the wing, but with no solid ground to step off, he was dragged out short. From the ensuing lineout, a MH clearance was returned by Buddha, and from a few phases, Kieran put Trampy through, only to receive an audacious pass, before throwing an even more audacious round the back pass for Dean to collect and dive over for his hat trick. However, with no conv., Ts were left on 48. Final Score Ts 48-14 MH.


MOM Dean.


DOTD Jonesy – for getting locked into the changing rooms …. 


1. Kieffer, 2. Banner, 3. Rory, 4. George, 5. Jonesy, 6. Callum, 7. Deano, 8. Lance, 9. Slash, 10. Kieran, 11. Arun, 12. Dan Jones, 13. Tramp, 14. Ben S, 15. Buddha, 16 Crazy.

Tries - Tramp, Dean 3, Banner, Ben S, Slash, Crazy C - Kieran 4 P - 0

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