French Tour 2014

Yes, it's that time again soon! Paris rugby tour!! 

The dates will be Friday 31st January to Sunday 2nd Febuary 2014.

The plan will be to leave on the Friday mid morning on the Eurostar. A quiet couple of hours journey time into Paris........we will be hosted for a party on the Friday night by our French opponents (well, their 2nd team anyway!).

We will play for the return of the Coquerel on the Saturday. Those who want, can go and watch the England vs France six nations game in the evening (KO 6pm). As per normal Saturday evening is also a highly cultural event taking in the many sights, museums and art galleries of Paris. Cookie/Chocs, your usual theatre tickets are already booked.

Back in London late afternoon on the Sunday.

Now to the important bits.....

We are estimating a cost of around £250. This includes:

  • Eurostar return ticket
  • 2 nights accommodation at a hotel
  • Coach transfers while there

The cost may go up by possibly £30 each if we take our time confirming commitment. This is because, unlike in previous years, where we could book a whole number of seats on the Eurostar and just reduce if necessary. The Eurostar now makes you pay upfront for those seats and you can't reduce without forfeiting what you have already paid.

So.....it is of massive importance that you decide (very quickly!!) if you are in!! If you decide you are up for this Coquerel rescue mission, the following needs to happen:

  1. Brush up on your French (what's French for Deja vu???) 
  2. Pay £100 deposit to the club account. Please put your surname and Paris as your reference eg Mackay Paris. Account details:
    • Sort: 60-20-18
    • Acc: 82836728
  3. Confirm to me by email!!! Those who know me, know best not to make plans with me in the pub on Saturday after rugby... Drop me a mail by clicking here confirming that you are coming and that you have paid.

I appreciate the short time on this but we need to get moving quickly. So, please can I ask that you confirm if you are coming by Wednesday next week. Apologies for the short timing but it has to be this way so that we can try get the best prices on Eurostar.

If I don't get an email confirmation, I am assuming that you are not coming.

As always, if you have a friend who you would like to bring along as well - no problem.

I think that's about it! Any issues, drop me a line.


Yours in Paris chaos,


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