This is Cowboy XV, Come in Mission Control. Over.

Cabin Pressure – Check Guidance System – Check Oxygen levels – Check Case of port – Check Unbeaten Season – Check Middlesex Champions – Check

What a season the Space Cowboys had this season! Conquering all that came before them in some extremely close games all played in the spirit of Vets rugby. None more so than the final winner takes all duel with Chiswick Silverbacks. In a game that the lead changed hands 5 times and some ferocious tackling from both sides the Cowboys came out on top by a single point (21-22) to be crowned Middlesex Vets Merit Table winners 2018/19.

On behalf of all the Cowboys I would like to thank all the supporters who came out to watch us this season. Your loud half pissed voices and general banter from the side-line definitely gave us old boys the spring in our step, well maybe only a slight spring but still a spring. We will do our utmost to get down and return the favour by supporting the Mens & Ladies teams for the remaining games and of course next season.

Big thanks also to Ken Maguire from The Prince Albert and Adrian Walker from Firestone Walker for sponsoring the vets this season.

The Space Cowboys are having an end of season drink up at the Prince Albert on 12th April. Please feel free to join us.

“This is Major Tom to Ground Control “

Mission Complete . Over.

Space -Cowboys

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