Clubhouse Return Delayed

We regret to announce some further changes arising from the impact of Covid19 upon our rugby club

The financial reality is -

  • The subs for our playing members have had to be reduced from £200pa to £50pa as we can only offer 10 aside touch rugby for the foreseeable future. This will be reviewed if things change but for now it would be appreciated if everyone could commit to paying this sum.
  • A number of our sponsors have had to withdraw support due to the impact of Covid19 on their business e.g. the M Bar
  • We will not get any ticket allocation for the autumn international games
  • Events in the pavilion are restricted to 14 persons due to social distancing
  • We cannot get rent relief from LBRUT as we are not the head tenants
  • The monthly cost of Sky and BT would be £500 which cannot be justified with such a low occupancy allowed
  • We will not have any competitive matches or after match events for the time being

Our Landlords (Twickenham Cricket Club) were not in a position to consider a rent reduction for use of the pavilion this autumn, but suggested instead that we defer commencing our occupancy, and that they would run the bar up until 31st December 2020. We have reluctantly accepted this proposal. Thus our tenancy (and rent payments) will resume on 1st January 2021 when hopefully the world will be in a better place!

In the meantime should you wish to book the pavilion for an event or check the times of opening you can still do so via Twickenham Cricket Club. Their contacts for bookings are Nigel Gordon (NIGELGORDON1@hotmail.com) or Eugene Berger (eugene@twickenhamcc.net)

Should contact rugby go ahead any earlier than 2021 then the pavilion will open for post-match events once more.

On a far more positive note the arrangements for us to train and play matches at St Marys have been finalised. Training will restart under floodlights on Wednesday 9th September (7pm to 9pm) for both the men’s and ladies groups. At this stage due to Covid19 restrictions changing facilities are not available.

Our new sponsor in Twickenham – The Shack – has offered us spacious facilities including outside areas. With the cricket club risk assessment restricting numbers to 14 people this is something that the pavilion cannot offer at present. We will keep everyone updated on future social events at The Shack and elsewhere between now and Christmas.

Emily Robbins (our social maestro) has already organised a successful camping weekend for our ladies group, and both men and ladies teams have 20 plus training each week. A mixed touch rugby competition is also underway. Arrangements for clubs awards evenings will be advised. The committee will ensure that the club does not become mothballed despite all of the hurdles being placed in front of us.

Keep well


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