Happy Thamesians 2019


The TRFC club committee set itself some ambitious targets over the last six months most of which we have ticked off:
  • Establishing a ladies team (the ladies side have already played their first three games and won them all convincingly). They will be welcoming a French touring side in February so make sure you don't miss out on that one. A particular thanks to Billy and Budda for their inspirational coaching that has brought this to fruition, and to Emily and Jenni for their on-field leadership 
  • Improvements to the Pavilion - this required robust and persistent (!!) conversations with Richmond Council in order to address the underlying issues with the external envelope of the building. The council work is now complete after 10 years of neglect and inside there has been close collaboration with fellow users - Twickenham Cricket Club and TAO - to fund and organise the upgrade of the bar area. David Gridley and Robin Chandler have been adding the final touches with the rehanging of the memorabilia in recent weeks. Our new Bar Manager, Rory O’Reilly, is ensuring that the atmosphere is top class, and Amy Parker, our social secretary, is organising the events that the improved facilities merit
  • Relocating our playing pitch to Waldegrave School. It is a massive achievement to be playing back at our spiritual home after a 40 year absence. As well as reconnecting with our roots as the Old Boys team of Thames Valley Grammar School, this move provides the club with a pitch 10 minutes walk from the Pavilion. There is also the opportunity of linking up with the pupils at the school where rugby is already a curriculum activity for the girls, and where the boys are now starting to play again (albeit as an extra curricula activity at this stage) 
  • The first team establishing themselves in the higher division and the second team continuing to put out a strong side competing at the top end of their league. Thanks are due to Billy and the coaching team, plus Lance Davis our Club Captain and the first and second team skippers, Dean, Arlind and Ade for ensuring the momentum of previous years has been maintained.  
  • Agreeing a much happier relationship with TCC that provides TRFC with security of tenure, twelve month use of the Pavilion by both clubs, and a partnership with both clubs contributing equally to the maintenance pot (this is formalised via a joint Pavilion Committee). The new harmony is best demonstrated by the twelve month display of both clubs memorabilia on the walls of the Pavilion. 
  • Re-engaging with our older membership – which the Golden Oldie events etc. are part of. Playing back at the old school hopefully is a massive plus for all Old T’s.

We are not being complacent - the ladies team is still in its infancy, the pavilion still needs significant works to the back of house areas – ladies loos and kitchen, and there is much work to be done to improve the synergy with Waldegrave School.
Relocating to Waldegrave has cost quite a bit of money. We have already invested significantly in ground improvements plus the costs of a new store, pitch marking, rugby posts, etc. Next summer substantial improvements are being undertaken to the surface of the pitch. The pavilion improvements have also reduced our coffers. 
Against this backdrop It would be greatly appreciate it if anyone who has inadvertently let their social membership lapse could visit the website and re-join/ renew – even I managed this electronic transaction in a matter of minutes. The cost is £48pa (circa £1pwk) and it really would help if everyone could maintain this contribution. If you prefer to pay by a more traditional way (cheque or cash) then please contact the club treasurer, Mark Smith, or the membership secretary, Tee-Jay 
Thanks for your continuing support.
Most of all thanks to the committee for their unity of purpose in achieving all of this. Apologies to those not individually named above but this has been a real team effort made possible by everyone pulling in the same direction.

Best wishes to all club members for 2019 which I’m sure will be another great one for the club,

Club Chairman

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